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Jedit X Rev.2 licenses @ ¥ 2,940  each
License for Jedit X Rev.2.xx and Rev.1.41 or later.
Jedit X2 Upgrade licenses @ ¥ 1,680  each
Input your Jedit4.0 or Jedit X Rev.1.xx Registration key.
Registration Key:
JeditAnywhere licenses @ ¥ 1,260  each
A System Preference Pane that enables to edit the selected text in various applications with Jedit X.
JDiff X licenses @ ¥ 1,680  each
Document comparison plugin for Jedit X Rev.2 that shows differences visually and enables to edit them. Also supports the comparison to Time Machine backups.
JChecker X licenses @ ¥ 1,680  each
HTML coding support plug-in for Jedit X Rev.1/Rev.2
JChecker X Upgrade licenses @ ¥ 1,050  each
You need to input JChecker3.0 Registration key in order to upgrade to JChecker X.
Registration Key:
OpenMenu X licenses @ ¥ 1,260  each
Powerful Context Menu Builder that allows you to freely customize your contextual menu.
OpenMenu X Upgrade licenses @ ¥ 840  each
You need to input OpenMenu 1.0 Registration key in order to upgrade to OpenMenu X.
Registration Key:
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